Welcome to our restaurant and hotel

Since 1968 the Lanteri Family offers you the Ligurian cuisine interpreted by a female hand in a warm and welcoming environment. In the summer we have inside and outside seating overlooking the Pigna.

Our family, in the third generation, strives daily to ensure that you spend pleasant moments dedicated to the pleasure of good food.
Our professionalism and experience is put at your service to try to satisfy your every need.

Read the Article from Buongiorno Gourmet
Read the Article from Buongiorno Gourmet


Ask for our dishes with artichokes


    • Appetizers

    • Antipasti Tipici

      Antipasti Tipici

      una serie di piccoli assaggi

    • Carne Cruda di Fassona

      battuta al Coltello e Scaglie di Parmigiano

    • I nostri “Previ”

      Lattughe Ripiene, attesa 15 minuti

    • “Barbagiuai”

      Ravioli di zucca fritti

    • Tometta di Capra e “Brussu”di Pigna

      con crostini caldi

    • Fresh pasta

    • Pansotti alla Ricotta

      con salsa di noci e pinoli

    • Raviolini  di verdura e carne

      Raviolini di verdura e carne

      con “u pessigu”

    • Tagliatelle Verdi

      agli spinaci al ragù di coniglio

    • Pasticcio di lasagne al forno

      attesa 20 minuti

    • Zuppa di maltagliati

      costine di maiale

    • Fagioli Bianchi di Pigna

      Fagioli Bianchi di Pigna

      Presidio Slow Food

    • “Gran Pistau”

      Minestra di Grano e/o Farro

    • Second courses (meat dishes)

    • Agnello da latte alle erbe aromatiche cotto nel forno

      Agnello da latte alle erbe aromatiche cotto nel forno

      attesa 20 minuti, min. 2 pers.

    • Costolette di Agnello

      da latte alla Griglia oppure Impanate

    • Coniglio alla Ligure

      Coniglio alla Ligure

      con salsa al vino Rossese e olive Taggiasche

    • Costata di Vitello

      alla Griglia oppure al Burro e Salvia

    • Tagliata di Manzo alla Griglia

      Min. 2 Pers.

    • Bocconcini di Cinghiale

      in Salmi’ e Polenta

    • Stufato di Capra e Fagioli Bianchi di Pigna

      Presidio Slow Food

All the second courses are accompanied by a side dish

Gran Menu Degustazione

Assaggi di Antipasti Caldi e Freddi

Bis di Pasta Fresca

Agnello da latte alle erbe al forno


Dolce a scelta dal nostro carrello

Some of the dishes listed above necessarily follow the seasonality and the availability of the market.

Do not hesitate to ask for possible variations.



In almost 50 years of experience we have earned ambitious recognition on National and International Guides and Gastronomic Journals.

Our simple and genuine cuisine is able to satisfy both the Gastronomic Critics and the Regular Customers ….. and this is undoubtedly our greatest satisfaction.


For many years the Michelin Guide has awarded us the prestigious Bib Gourmand award which indicates an excellent quality-price ratio.

In the 2016 edition only 10 restaurants in all of Liguria had this privilege.

The Certificates

The Certificates awarded by the Cuoco Rossi Gloria reward the stubbornness and humility of a self-taught who over the years, day by day, has been able to conquer the palates of countless lovers of cooking.


Immersed in the High Val Nervia, Pigna boasts an historic centre rich in merit stretching among winding and picturesque streets and can be admired beginning from Piazza Castello, the highest point in the town, upon which the exclusive palaces with slate doors face, and passing through Piazza Umberto I covered by the fifteenth-century characteristic loggia.

How to find us


From Ventimiglia:
Drive towards Sanremo on the SS1. In the roundabout before the river Nervia (Val Nervia) turn left onto the SP64 – stay on the SP64 for 20 km, until you reach Pigna.

The Ristorante Trattoria Hotel Terme is located on the road leading to Castelvittorio and Buggio a few hundred meters outside Pigna

Bus service:

Bus number 7 from Ventimiglia stops in Pigna. Runs several times a day.